Bytedance-Socializing in the Kenyuan Universe

Bytedance-Socializing in the Kenyuan Universe

According to VR gyro, members of the Wave Particle team have been merged into Byte Jump as a whole, and founder Jess Ma is now mainly responsible for Byte’s VR social business.

This is another move in the meta-universe byte-hopping after the acquisition of VR hardware Pico last year. The only difference is that this time, ByteDance chose to cut into the metaverse from social.

Undoubtedly, this means that Byte Jump will continue to make efforts in the meta-universe field. Such a big move continues the usual style of ByteDance, that is, after betting on a track, it keeps on “buying”.

Behind this, the deeper meaning is that ByteDance wants to support its social dream through meta-universe social.

Over the years, ByteDance has been making continuous moves in the social field. After Duo Flash and Fly Chat faltered, Jitterbug carried the social banner of Byte Jumping. Since 2019, Jitterbug has launched several social functions one after another, trying to get a share of the big social cake.

But it is not a straight path. In the highly competitive social track, Jitterbug’s social features are not popular, and it is still difficult to get much cake in the social field.

At this time, the meta-universe windfall came, although far from the mature stage, but early bets, or to seize the opportunity.

Nowadays, the meta-universe social network is still in its primary form, and most of the products launched are not satisfactory, while ByteDance has pinned its social dream on the meta-universe. What are the chances of winning?

1、Acquisition of meta-universe social company, bytes bet again

In the story of domestic meta-universe, Byte Jump is a wind vane, and every move is watched by the industry with a magnifying glass.

Recently, Byte Jump has made another move to acquire a meta-universe social company, Wave Particle Technology. As early as in May, the founder of Wave Particle Technology, Jesse Ma, changed the personal certification of Pulse to “the person in charge of Pico Social Center of Byte Jump”.

It is reported that Pico Social Center is a new business department responsible for VR social byte-hopping, in addition to Ma Jiesi as the person in charge, the original team of more than 50 people in the wave particle technology was also integrated into the Pico Social Center.

The CEO of Wave Particle Technology, Jesse Ma, is a veteran of the VR industry. Public information shows that Jacey Ma had worked as a product manager in the artificial intelligence company Gering Deep Pupil, and then entered HTC VIVE as the VR industry application leader.

Subsequently, more familiar to the industry, Ma Jieshi served as senior director of Xiaomi VR. He led the cooperation between Xiaomi and Oculus, a virtual reality headset manufacturer owned by Facebook, to launch the Chinese version of Oculus Go – Xiaomi VR all-in-one machine. At the same time, Jacey Ma developed a VR social product called “Mi World”.

It was not until 2019 that the Xiaomi VR team was rumored to be disbanded, and Ma Jiesi left Xiaomi and then founded Wave Particle Technology. The company launched a secondary yuan virtual social application called “Vyou micro you”. app online has not been a year, the user volume has exceeded one million, the best data, when the popular list of extremely hot Moore Manor ranked first, “Vyou micro you” ranked second. The best data, when the popular list is extremely hot Moore Manor ranked first, “Vyou micro you” ranked second.