Played these 8 VR games, you are half of the “top players

Played these 8 VR games, you are half of the “top players

Last Christmas, the Oculus Quest 2 sold a record number of units, breaking new records in the VR field.

It just so happens that I have it in my hands, so what are the interesting games for a VR goggle that is known as “the best VR goggle to buy”? After some searching, I decided to recommend 8 VR games, some young and old, some immersive and thrilling, and some that will make you laugh and finish the day’s exercise. #VR Games

The first time I saw the name of this game, I thought it was some kind of psychic horror game, after all, the memory of the word Supernatural in my mind is still stuck in the Winchesters.

But don’t be fooled by the name, it’s actually a sports game, kind of like the next “Rhythm Lightsaber”, except it has more movement and more tools to hit the drums.

It covers boxing, baseball (which is actually closer to sword dancing), meditation and stretching, and the player is in a place to play with scenery taken from a real environment, making it easier for the mind and body to relax.

Each session is like a game level, all the player has to do is to follow the rhythm of the music and enjoy the movement. After a few minutes of play, you can easily achieve the “sweat like rain” achievement. The problem is that with VR glasses, the sweat on your forehead is not too comfortable with the eye patch.

Onward|First Person Shooting
It is known as the “most hardcore” VR game, with a rich gun system, the player’s point of view without a center of aim, all rely on the three-point line of sight method, very close to reality. In addition, the PVP mode requires strong technical and tactical cooperation between teammates, a bit Ready or Not VR version of the meaning, hardcore players should like.

However, the game has been on Steam platform as early as August 2016, early release time, which means that its graphics quality compared to today’s mainstream games, the gap is slightly large, the quality of the party caution into.

Rhythm Lightsaber|Action
When I was classifying this game, I debated whether to put it in the games or sports software category. Rhythm Lightsaber is an ordinary sound game, no pop-ups, no complicated operations, waving the lightsaber according to the arrows on the approaching squares, walking or crouching to dodge, and that’s it.

But it’s so special, because it’s not uncommon to see similar audio games on VR devices, but in front of Rhythm Lightsaber, they’re all poor imitators: the action is stiff and even a little disjointed, the rhythm is not in place, the special effects are a little less effective, the details are deducted bit by bit, and ultimately the overall effect is not as good as it could be.

Rhythm Lightsaber” has done all of these things right, so after adding the “VR + physical” Buff, it has become a hit. The downside is that the songs of popular singers like Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and Green Day are integrated into a separate DLC, so players need to purchase the game itself, which is costly (I hope to play Andy Lau’s Congratulations during the Chinese New Year next year).

Superhot|First-person shooter
This game has become the second most popular VR game after “Rhythm Lightsaber”, and if memory serves, even the VR devices in the mall have this game (or is it a copycat version).

It is also very simple to play, in the FPS game wrapped in a layer of the concept of “time stands still”, I do not move the enemy does not move, the next step is to dodge or pull the trigger, you need to layout in advance, is undoubtedly to increase the sense of presence, there is a feeling of being an “assassin”.

Don’t look at the game operation is not complicated, but the need to repeatedly crouch up, walking position dodge, ten minutes to play down, both exciting and fat loss.

Real VR Fishing|Sports
There are many fishing games on the VR platform, but the main selling point of Real VR Fishing is that it’s real, and as the title says, everything is real.

In the beautiful scenery of the lake and the sea, floating a boat alone, and I am on this boat, the fishing rod is thrown out and can wait for the fish to bite.

The hook has moved, I will have to capture the fish “drag” up, because it is a game with physical sensory, so this is really similar to the experience of fishing in the real world, but in VR fishing can not leave home, not to mention a series of preparations, put on the glasses can play, but also do not worry about sun protection.

Resident Evil 4|First Person Shooter
Capcom is at it again, and it’s here with Resident Evil 4.

Capcom is keen on frying cold food, its classic IP ported to the VR platform, but also in line with the interaction logic of VR, the original weapons “hanging” on the player’s body, the right leg is a pistol, chest is a dagger, behind the back also carries a shotgun, Capcom did not simply PC and host interaction method rigidly applied to the VR, but with the physical sense, let the player take out the weapons from the pocket, waist, which This is much more exciting than playing with a keyboard and mouse or a joystick.

By the way, there is no concept of aiming in VR, but “Resident Evil 4” guns come with laser aiming, that is, when the sniper aims at the bandits in the movie, the latter’s chest on the forehead of the red dot, with the laser players can “blind shot”, of course, you can also seriously use the three-dot line of sight method (equivalent to machine aim open mirror), which is closer to the real.

In addition, the quality of the game itself is very good, plus the VR carrier, so to speak, is the icing on the cake, even if it is priced at nearly two hundred, but it is also quite fragrant.

Technically speaking, it’s not a game, but more like a large chat room where you can enter as a virtual persona. You can create unique avatars, not just faces, but even entire bodies, and then socialize in this virtual world. Here you can say whatever you want and leave all your burdens behind.

It’s also worth mentioning that many virtual hosts are using this software for live streaming and video creation, so you might even be able to “meet” your favorite VTuber while you’re skating around VRChat.

Last year Ubisoft launched “Extreme Nation”, and those who played it were blushing and saying how exciting it was, don’t get me wrong, it was a game that focused on extreme sports parks. This Rush to the wingsuit flying this sport alone out, made a VR version, glasses look at the swooping screen, let people can not help but adrenaline rush.

Rush is this kind of magic, but different from the previously mentioned sports games, although the game screen is very exciting, however, the player is not much physical effort, but also not easy to produce a sense of vertigo, young and old salty.